World War Three - The Last Option (Free Download: Map, Rules, Setup)
WW3 Map

World War Three - The Last Option (Free Download: Map, Rules, Setup)

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Designed by: Team Blue Games

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 After more than 40 years of tension and arms build-up between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., it has become clear the Soviets must take action in order to survive as a global empire. It is the summer of 1985. It has become World War III. Take control of Soviet or NATO forces in a conflict that stretches from Oslo to Riyadh! With an all new combat system based on our favorite parts of the A&A series of games, you will nuke, bomb, and battle your way to victory using 7 different types of units, supplies, and diplomacy. Good luck commander!


Free Rules & Setup are available at "World War Three: The Last Option" on Board Game Geek. Become a fan of the game, post pictures, and leave comments!

What you will need to play:

 - Axis & Allies pieces in 5-7 colors

-Nuke Strike Tokens (12)

-Black Rockets (30)

-Supply Tokens (40)

 -Oil Tokens (20)

-Movement Point Tokens for Air Force units numbered 0-4

-Dice (12 Sided) (At least 6 is good)


Highly recommended:

-Table Tactics Pieces: New World Order (5 sprues of each color)

-Table Tactics Pieces: Risk 2042 (5 sprues of each color)

-Custom HBG Control Markers (20 each X 4 Nations)

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