Zombie Apocalypse- Global War Expansion
Zombie Apocalypse- Global War Expansion

Zombie Apocalypse- Global War Expansion

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Download Rules HERE, v1.1 (File Size 1.85 Mb) Updated 11/14/18

Zombie set contents

-25 Zombies (Glow in the Dark)

-15 Zombie Markers

Zombie Markers (need extra's?)

-10 Zombie Markers

Zombies (need extra's?)

-10 Zombies (Glow in the Dark)


In this expansion there are several “zombie” scenarios to suit your style of play.

Scenario 1: Zombie Global Game 

Players set up for a standard game that starts with a global zombie outbreak. Word War II is fought with the added challenge of zombie hordes in several theater of war.

Scenario 2: Zombie Outbreak 

Players begin with a standard game but do not know when or if the zombie outbreak will occur.  Players pursue victory objectives with the added menace of zombies when randomly introduced.

Scenario 3: Zombie Scheme

Schemes are part of several Global War expansions and generate a series of extraordinary changes to the game.  In this scheme, a player initiates a scheme to build biological weapons that initiates the zombie outbreak. 

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